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Same-sex couples should consider pre-nups or post-nups

When same-sex marriage became legal in the United States, many same-sex couples rushed to the altar to finally enjoy a fundamental right they had been denied. Unfortunately, some of these marriages were not well-thought out, and some couples later faced a messy divorce. However, what we can learn from the situation is that by executing a prenuptial agreement or postnuptial agreement, same-sex couples in Tennessee can protect their financial interests should their marriage not last.

A prenuptial agreement is essentially a contract a couple enters into prior to getting married. It addresses how assets and debts will be divided should the couple divorce. It can also address how spousal support will be handled should the couple divorce. However, prenuptial agreements are not just about divorce. They can also address other issues, such as disability, death and inheritances. Moreover, they serve as a good way for couples to talk about how they want to handle their finances and raise a family. These discussions can form a firm foundation for a couple's marriage.

An overview of the plea agreement process in Tennessee

When a person is accused of a crime, sometimes it is in their best interests to enter into a plea agreement rather than go through a jury trial. In Tennessee, it is permissible for the district attorney and the lawyer of the accused to engage in discussions without the involvement of the court in order to reach a plea agreement. In a plea agreement, the accused can agree to plead guilty to either the charges against them or to a lesser offense, in exchange for certain acts.

One of these acts is having the charges against the accused dismissed. Another act is having the district attorney general recommend a specific sentence or permit the accused to request a specific sentence. Finally, the district attorney can agree that a certain sentence is an appropriate choice.

Tips for handling "gray divorce" with your adult children

It is not always young, minor children whose parents get divorced. In fact, with "gray divorce" increasing, a lot of adult children are facing the prospect of their parents splitting up.

Divorcing at an older age comes with a slightly different set of issues than it does when you divorce at a younger age, and navigating it with children is a different experience as well but no less important. In fact, many of the same principles apply, no matter the age of your children.

Holiday credit card debt can carry on a year later

The holiday season is here, and people in Tennessee are flocking to stores and online retailers to do their holiday shopping. While gift-giving during this time of year is a cherished tradition, it can be easy to go overboard. A report by NerdWallet indicates that almost 25 percent of respondents stated that they spent more than they meant to last year, and 27 percent of respondents stated they did not make a holiday spending budget.

For these and other reasons, some people choose to use credit cards to make their purchases. In 2016, at 63 percent of respondents, Baby Boomers were most apt to use credit cards to buy holiday gifts. Even 40 percent of Millennials and 58 percent of Gen-Xers reported they anticipated going into debt purchasing holiday gifts.

Same-sex couples face unique issues in the divorce process

2015 saw a monumental decision by the United States Supreme Court. That year the Supreme Court ruled that same-sex couples had the same right to marry, just as heterosexual couples did. This meant that same-sex marriage was made legal in Tennessee and every other state in the nation. Of course, this also meant that, once married, same-sex couples also had the right to seek a legal divorce. And, it is becoming apparent that couples going through a same-sex divorce may face some issues that heterosexual couples do not face.

First of all, while a same-sex couple may only have been legally wed for a year or two, they could have been in a romantic relationship with one another for many years prior to their marriage. Oftentimes, this means that they cohabitated together, purchased big assets such as a home together and were raising a child together, whether through adoption, surrogacy, via a sperm donor or by some other means.

Former Tennessee Titans player accused of domestic violence

When someone lives life in the public eye, their every move will be scrutinized. Therefore, if they are accused of a crime, even if they're not guilty, their reputation could be seriously affected.

A former player for the National Football League's Tennessee Titans, Derrick Mason, who is now employed as the host of a sports radio show, has been accused of domestic violence. Per a police affidavit, the 43-year-old ex-football player is facing some serious charges, including felony aggravated assault.

What to do when facing a lawsuit for unpaid medical expenses

Suffering a serious injury or illness is bad enough, but the financial aftermath of such situations can be absolutely devastating. Many people in Montgomery and nationwide carry some sort of medical debt, and some of them may be in the difficult position of realizing that they are unable to pay their medical bills. In fact, according to one source, around 50 percent of items listed as being in debt collections in the United States consist of medical debt. Things go from bad to worse when debt collectors start calling, and especially if they file a lawsuit. However, there are things people in such situations can do to protect their interests.

First, a person should understand what they are being billed for. It's possible to look back at past invoices to determine when the medical care took place, what services were performed and for how much. Since mistakes in billing can happen, thoroughly examining your bills can help uncover possible savings.

Tennessee man has assault charges against him dropped

Parents in Tennessee will do just about anything to protect their children. Sometimes, a child might make a bad choice, but when that happens parents will make sure that their child is safe. However, sometimes a parent can be charged with a crime, even though they believe they were acting in their child's best interest.

A Tennessee man who was facing assault charges has been fortunate enough to have the charges against him dropped. He was charged with the crime after an incident in July in which he allegedly brandished a gun on an individual who was trying to sell the accused's daughter heroin. The accused reportedly knew about the intended sale by following his daughter's phone. When the drug dealer arrived in a drug store parking lot, the accused allegedly met him there.

Millions carrying credit card debt for 2 years or more

Credit cards are so commonplace these days, that it may seem like just about everyone in Tennessee has at least one. While they can be useful, especially when there are incentives such as airline miles, the unfortunate fact is that sometimes a person's life circumstances keep them from being able to pay off their credit card bills each month, leading to credit card debt.

Almost 50 percent of all adults in the United States who have credit card debt report that for the past 24 months or more, they have carried a balance on their credit cards. That amounts to almost 29 million individuals who currently have credit card debt. Moreover, about 15 million of these individuals carrying credit card debt have done so for five years or more.

We defend against civilian and military criminal charges

Being charged with any type of crime is an incredible stressful and uncertain experience. Many crimes carry significant consequences and punishments that can alter the course of a person's life forever. Because of these stakes, it's important to understand that having proper representation in such situations is crucial to formulating a strong defense.

No matter if the crime is drug charges, sex offenses, domestic assault, or many other types, the dedicated and passionate legal team of Mathis, Bates & Klinghard, PLLC, will fight for your rights as an individual and not allow the stigma of such crimes to overshadow every other aspect of the case. Our attorneys have experience defending clients in all of these situations and are able to take the best course of action that will ideally lead to a positive outcome.

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