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As a military service member or officer, your job is to protect the rights and the freedom of every American citizen. But if you are facing military justice proceedings, who will protect your rights? If you are facing child custody or other family law concerns, who will serve you?

We will - a Clarksville top law firm for military law and divorce.

At Mathis, Bates & Klinghard PLLC (MBK), we proudly serve officers and service members in all types of military law matters. From our home office in Clarksville, TN, a military lawyer can represent clients who are stationed in nearby Fort Campbell and anywhere in the country or overseas. We handle military divorce and family law matters and defend clients against alleged UCMJ violations and Court Martial proceedings.

Military Family Law

Divorce and other family law matters are stressful and complicated for anyone, but especially for those who are serving in the military. Issues involving child custody and other divorce matters for those stationed out of state or out of the country are of particular concern, as are issues of dividing military benefits. Thankfully, our Clarksville top law firm for military law and divorce can help.

Our attorneys understand these issues and how to manage them for our clients in the military. We will help you through the process to protect your rights and interests.

Military Justice

Our lawyers also serve military service members and officers in UCMJ hearings/Article 15 actions and other aspects of military criminal law. We know how these processes work. Our legal team will help you prepare a strong defense and represent you at all hearings. If you are facing military justice proceedings, this is not a fight you should engage on your own. We have the knowledge and experience to help you.

Military Personnel and Bankruptcy

Active-duty military personnel and disabled veterans can have special considerations when facing insurmountable debt. Disabled veterans may be eligible to file for bankruptcy without having to prove their income. Meanwhile, filing for bankruptcy can affect the security clearance of active-duty personnel. Our attorneys are here to help you make decisions regarding bankruptcy that serve your best interests.

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