We Can Provide a Strong Defense  to Reduce Your Penalties or ​Get Your Case Dismissed

The stakes are too high in the criminal justice system: Incarceration, fines, the loss of your freedom and your reputation.

If you are facing criminal charges of any kind, bring the best fight you can. A criminal defense attorney at Mathis, Bates & Klinghard PLLC (MBK) can take a strategic, aggressive approach to defend you against all types of criminal charges, both civilian and military. From our office in Clarksville, TN, our attorneys provide criminal defense representation in Kentucky and Tennessee, and we represent military service members in UCMJ proceedings throughout the United States and overseas.

Comprehensive Criminal Defense Solutions

Our attorneys can defend you against accusations of:

  • Drunk driving: Although DUI is one of the most common criminal charges people face, it is also one of the more severe, with the possibility of losing your license and other serious penalties. We take your DUI defense seriously. 

Our attorneys will do whatever we can to protect your rights, your reputation and your future.

  • Drug charges: We defend clients against all types of drug crime charges, from possession of drug paraphernalia to trafficking. Whether you are facing simple misdemeanor drug charges or major felony charges, our lawyers will fight to protect your interests. 
  • Sex offenses: We have a wealth of experience successfully defending clients against charges involving rape, solicitation and prostitution, sexual assault and child pornography charges. It is particularly important to defend against sex crime charges aggressively to avoid a ruined reputation in the community and forced sex-offender registration. 
  • Domestic assault: More than many other criminal charges, domestic violence can impact your relationship with your family. Domestic assault could result in losing your right to see your family and your children and your Second Amendment right to possess firearms.
  • Military crimes: The branches of the armed forces have their own internal criminal laws and procedures. We represent clients in Fort Campbell and throughout the world in Article 15 hearings and UCMJ actions.

Expungement And Record Clearing

Depending on the type of crime with which you were charged or convicted, and how much time has passed since then, you could have your record expunged after an arrest. This means you can legally deny having a crime on your record if asked in an interview or application. This option is not available for everyone. A lawyer from our firm can look at your case and discuss your options with you.

Penalties For Domestic Assault In Tennessee

Many times a domestic assault charge is the result of an incident that is simply a misunderstanding. Sometimes the police are called during an argument, which may result in one or more individuals being arrested, when they have in fact committed no crime at all.

The penalties for domestic assault are generally the same as those for other assault crimes except that a domestic assault conviction is also a violation of the Federal Lautenberg Amendment, which means a domestic assault conviction will result in a permanent loss of the offender's right to own or possess firearms, in addition to other penalties.

As such, a domestic assault conviction can have serious career implications that other misdemeanor convictions may not. Such a conviction would almost certainly prevent you from working in law enforcement or military service, as well many private contracting positions.

Many people charged with domestic assault have no criminal history and have never been in trouble before. If this is the case, there are additional alternative dispositions available that should be discussed with your attorney.

Because of the serious repercussions that may come from a conviction, it is important to hire the right attorney to defend you. Only an attorney familiar with the local criminal court system and cases like yours will know how to assess your situation.

Protect Your Child In Juvenile Court Proceedings 

Although the juvenile court system focuses more on rehabilitation and less on punishment compared to the adult system, juvenile charges are still extremely serious. In many cases, a child makes one major mistake and if the juvenile proceedings are not handled carefully, the ramifications could hinder the child's potential opportunities for a lifetime.

Get the strong defense you need. At Mathis, Bates & Klinghard PLLC (MBK), our lawyers understand the Clarksville juvenile court justice system in both Tennessee and Kentucky, and we will provide you and your child with valuable counsel and representation.

We know this is a frightening time for both the parents and the child facing juvenile delinquency charges. Our attorneys will explain your rights and options carefully. We will remain available to you throughout the legal process to answer your questions and help you make decisions to protect your future.

Status Offenses And Criminal Charges

Some violations are age-specific. Underage drinking and underage driving are prime examples of this type of violation. These are called status offenses.

Of course, minors can also face charges that are crimes regardless of age, including drug crimes, violent crimes, drunk driving charges, sex crime charges, vandalism and other charges. Depending on the severity of the crime, the criminal history of the child and other factors, the court can choose to hear the case in adult criminal court. MBK can provide SSi legal help, representation for drug crimes and other unlawful occurrences.

Our Clarksville juvenile court law firm will fight aggressively to minimize the penalties and avoid adult court if possible. We will help you get the best results possible through our effective juvenile court, domestic and SSI legal help.

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