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Allegations of violent activity should receive defense support

Anyone who has ever watched a crime drama on television is generally aware of how the criminal justice system works. A person may be arrested if they are found to be associated with an alleged crime and then a prosecutor is required to build a case supported by evidence to prove that they committed the alleged illegal act. If they are found guilty, that person may wind up facing a very serious penalty.

What is first degree murder?

Variations in the law exist across different jurisdictions and it is therefore important that Tennessee residents seek state-specific guidance on the criminal matters that affect their lives. This post will address how Tennessee defines first degree murder and it is important that readers remember this definition may be different in different states. Consultation with a local criminal defense attorney can help a person facing violent crime charges to get the best help possible.

A person can face assault charges in a number of circumstances

It is not unusual for people in Tennessee to fight about something. Oftentimes these fights are mere arguments that are ultimately resolved without further incident. However, sometimes a fight escalates to the point where it becomes physical. When this happens, a person may face assault charges.

Tennessee man faces aggravated assault and other charges

Criminal charges should be met with a strong criminal defense response. In a Tennessee community east of the Montgomery area, a man was recently arrested for aggravated assault as well as other crimes. The man was charged with aggravated assault, reckless endangerment and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. The man allegedly fired shots inside and home and more shots outside of the home.

Murder vs. manslaughter in Tennessee

The killing of another human being has been one of the most serious acts an individual can commit for about as long as societies have been around. In general, cultures have taboos against taking others' lives because, as a practical matter, individuals' security in their lives creates the basis for societal success. In modern terms, most countries and states create a legal framework covering instances of one person killing another. These acts are grouped under the term 'homicide.'

Man arrested on suspicion of violent crimes involving a child

When a person is arrested on accusations of criminal conduct in Tennessee, there are a variety of penalties and reactions that the allegations could potentially lead to. For example, violent crimes will inevitably be seen in a more negative light. This is especially true when the allegations involve abuse or rape of a child. With that in mind, those who are accused and arrested must make certain that they understand what they are facing and take steps to mount a defense as soon as possible.

Multiple felony charges filed against Tennessee woman

For many Montgomery residents, the criminal justice system may be something they only see in the movies and on television until they find themselves personally involved in a case. A person charged with a crime may soon discover there are many differences between what they see on TV and what happens in real life cases.

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