Protecting Our Clients In Domestic Violence Situations

Domestic violence and personal injury is always serious. Although some cases are the real thing and others involve false allegations, the consequences of domestic violence are significant. Whether you are in need of protective orders or are facing allegations of domestic violence and need legal protection against a restraining order, it is critical to secure legal counsel you can trust to protect your rights and help you through the legal process.

We can help you. At Mathis, Bates & Klinghard PLLC (MBK), we handle a range of family law matters in Tennessee and Kentucky from our Clarksville home office. We help clients who are facing charges that involve restraining orders or orders of protection as well as those in need of protection against domestic abuse.

Clarksville Domestic Violence & Personal Injury Legal Protection

Orders of protection are legal orders to provide protection for families against abuse. In cases of spousal abuse, child abuse or other forms of abuse, the court can issue an order to keep the person committing the abuse away from those he or she is hurting.

In many cases, protective orders are the exact protection families need to stay safe from an abusive family member or acquaintance.

Protection Against False Allegations

Although domestic violence is a very serious issue, and every legitimate claim should afford protection to the ones in danger, the sad reality is that some people file false claims of domestic violence. If you are the person accused, these accusations could result in losing the right to see your own children.

Some false accusations are made as an honest mistake, like a neighbor misinterpreting an overheard argument. Other cases involve intentional false allegations in order to create leverage in a divorce or custody hearing.

Whatever the reason, if you have been accused of domestic violence of any kind and a restraining order has been filed against you, contact one of our Clarksville domestic violence or personal injury attorneys to clear your name and record, and help you get your life back.

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