Helping Servicemembers And Spouses With Their Family Law Issues

While the procedure involved in divorce is the same for service members as civilians, there are many distinctions and issues that may arise in a divorce action involving a service member that differ from divorces between civilians.

Often times the issue of supporting a service member's dependents becomes an immediate and sometimes contradictory issue. Service members are subject to not only state law, but military regulations when it comes to providing support to their dependents. It is important for both service members and their spouses to be represented by an attorney who understands their rights and responsibilities and can assist their client in using the applicable regulations to their advantage.

Additionally, many service members are required to deploy overseas and/or be temporarily stationed away from home for training, as well as change duty stations periodically. Because of the irregularities in a soldier's schedule and the unique nature of their employment, traditional Parenting Plans don't always work and are not ideal for service members and their families. It is important to work with an attorney who regularly deals with service members and can suggest alternatives to a "cookie cutter" Parenting Plan.

Division of military retirement is another complicated issue that must be addressed properly to ensure that your rights are protected. The attorneys at Mathis, Bates, and Klinghard, PLLC service soldiers and their spouses in both Tennessee and Kentucky and have an intricate familiarity with both the military and civilian aspects of divorce and custody matters. To schedule a consultation with an experienced military divorce lawyer, call 931-444-3153 or email us today.