What Are The Rights Of Grandparents And Stepparents?

Many grandparents and stepparents after the child's parents are divorced or separated wonder what rights they have, especially in terms of custody and visitation. Although stepparents and grandparents often have rights, the particular details of each situation can make these grandparent and stepparent rights cases complicated.

At Mathis, Bates & Klinghard PLLC (MBK), our Clarksville attorneys handle grandparents' rights and stepparents' rights cases in Kentucky and Tennessee. We have a wealth of experience in a range of family law matters and the nuanced custody and visitation matters involving stepparent and grandparent rights cases. We represent all clients in these matters and we are committed to providing our clients with best-in-class personalized legal service.

How To Establish Rights As A Grandparent

Grandparent rights cases usually involve custody or visitation. To establish visitation rights, there has to be a significant relationship already established between the grandparent and grandchild. Usually this relationship involves the grandchild living with the grandparent or at least spending significant time together on a regular basis.

In terms of custody, this usually involves more serious issues like substance abuse issues or other problems that make the parents unfit for parenting so the grandparents need to take over custody.

In some cases, the parents willingly transfer custody or visitation rights, and other cases are contested. At MBK, we represent grandparents seeking custody and visitation rights, or we can represent the biological parents contesting custody and visitation. If appropriate, we can help you work grandparent visitation schedules into a comprehensive parenting plan.

Stepparent Adoptions

In many cases, when a divorced spouse remarries, the new spouse forms a strong bond with the stepchildren, and they want to make the parent-child relationship official and legally recognized through an adoption. Our attorneys handle all stages of the process of stepparent adoptions. These cases can involve complex paternity matters, the termination of parental rights for the biological parent and other complex matters.

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