Create A Custody And Parenting Plan That Will Work

The details involved with the day-to-day care of children are extremely complicated for any couple. When that couple gets divorced or separated, this complication is increased significantly. These complications often become even more challenging as the emotional landscape of a divorce clouds judgment and makes it difficult to consider all the details involved. Fortunately, our Clarksville child custody lawyers have effective solutions.

When working on a Parenting Plan, there is no decision that will add more value than choosing the right Clarksville child custody lawyer to help you. At Mathis, Bates & Klinghard PLLC (MBK), we provide sound counsel and representation in all types of custody issues and parenting plans. From our Clarksville office, we represent traditional couples and same-sex couples in Tennessee and Kentucky in all types of dissolution and related family law matters. We also represent military service members from nearby Fort Campbell, throughout the United States and overseas.

Dealing With The Complex Details Of Parenting Plans

Each state has its own rules and regulations for handling post-divorce or post-separation parenting. Tennessee, for example, has a set Parenting Plan that we help clients complete and file with the court, while Kentucky offers parenting guidelines that offer more flexibility in the creation of a parenting plan. Even the designations of what constitutes "custody" can be different from state to state.

At MBK, we understand the challenges you are facing. Our attorneys have a thorough knowledge of the options available to you, and we know how to navigate the process as smoothly as possible to help you get the results you need.

Family Law Contempt As It Relates To Custody

Often after a divorce is finalized, one of the parents fails to follow the custody and visitation agreements. In some cases, a parent will deny the other parent's court-ordered visitation privileges. Other cases involve failing to show up on time to exchange the child pursuant to the Parenting Plan.

Our Clarksville child custody lawyers have a wealth of knowledge and experience handling contempt proceedings involving custody/visitation disputes of this kind. We will fight for your interests and help you protect your relationship with your children.

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