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What constitutes domestic assault in Tennessee?

It is normal for family members or romantic partners in Tennessee to argue occasionally, even if they love each other. When disagreements arise, oftentimes people are able to talk it out without further incident. However, sometimes an argument becomes so heated that one side or the other starts making accusations of domestic violence. This is a very serious situation.

Understanding what qualifies as domestic violence in Tennessee

This blog recently discussed the serious nature of domestic violence. Domestic violence accusations, allegations and charges can have a dramatic impact on the lives of accused individuals. It can be helpful to be aware of what is considered domestic violence and what is prohibited under the law. Tennessee prohibits abuse of family members and romantic partners. Domestic assault refers to violence against those certain categories of individuals.

Responding to domestic violence situations

Criminal charges, allegations and accusations associated with domestic violence are unquestionably serious. Family violence concerns should not be taken lightly and neither should domestic assault charges, allegations and accusations of domestic violence. Penalties for domestic violence can be significant and are generally the same as those for other assault charges but also include the possibility that the accused individual can lose their right to own or possess a firearm.

Domestic violence case against Tennessee athlete dismissed

Just because you have been charged with domestic violence or assault, doesn't mean that you will face conviction, or even a trial. Charges were recently dropped against Tennessee wideout Josh Smith after an alleged domestic violence incident at his home, which he shared with two friends. We often think of domestic violence involving dating or married couples, but the law is based on proximity between the two parties, not just relationship. In this case, the parties were roommates who got into an altercation after a night of drinking.

Defending against false accusations of domestic violence

Every day, men and women all across the nation are subjected to domestic violence. It is easy to assume that a person charged with domestic violence committed a crime. However, this is not always the case. Some people will falsely accuse their loved ones of domestic violence during an argument or to get back at them for something they did. Unfortunately, even the mere accusation of domestic violence can negatively impact someone's life. Domestic violence charges can damage your reputation in the community and make it difficult to get a job.

What are penalties for violating a protection order in Tennessee?

When it comes to family cases, sometimes tensions run high. Because there may be disputes over other issues, such as child custody, visitation or support, accusations may be leveled that are not entirely based in reality. Because the state wishes to protect its citizens, it may often be fairly easy for a party to receive an order of protection in Tennessee, as the request may be supported simply by the testimony of the alleged victim. When issued, such an order could bar someone from a shared residence or from a place of business. It could also bar someone from coming within a certain distance of a former romantic partner.

What Tennessee law has to say about domestic assault charges - III

Over the summer, our blog started taking a closer look at Tennessee's domestic assault laws in order to illustrate just how easily a person could find themselves facing these rather serious charges following an altercation with a loved one that they might classify as only minor.

Temporary and extended protection orders in Tennessee

Tennessee offers two distinct forms of protection orders, which are invaluable tools for victims who suffer from sexual assault, stalking and domestic abuse. If you are considering filing for a protection order, understanding the options can help you choose the protection order that will best help you take control of your situation. Both temporary and extended protection orders feature distinct elements that may be right for you.

What Tennessee law has to say about domestic assault charges - II

In a previous post, our blog began discussing how Tennessee's laws relating to domestic assault are likely much broader than people envision, such that they could find themselves being charged with this very serious offense following an altercation with someone they wouldn't otherwise think would be covered by the law.

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