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Tennessee man has assault charges against him dropped

Parents in Tennessee will do just about anything to protect their children. Sometimes, a child might make a bad choice, but when that happens parents will make sure that their child is safe. However, sometimes a parent can be charged with a crime, even though they believe they were acting in their child's best interest.

We defend against civilian and military criminal charges

Being charged with any type of crime is an incredible stressful and uncertain experience. Many crimes carry significant consequences and punishments that can alter the course of a person's life forever. Because of these stakes, it's important to understand that having proper representation in such situations is crucial to formulating a strong defense.

Possible defenses for assault and battery

If you have been accused of physically injuring someone or attempting to injure them, you may face assault or battery charges. Being charged with a violent crime is serious and could lead to long-term consequences. Many Tennessee residents convicted of these criminal charges face years in prison.

Defending against assault and battery charges in Tennessee

Facing criminal charges can be overwhelming no matter what the accusations are. However, assault and battery charges can result in some of the most serious consequences, including long-term jail sentences. Being charged with a crime does not mean that you will be convicted. You could avoid conviction and serious penalties by utilizing a solid criminal defense to protect yourself.

What can lead to assault charges in Tennessee?

Facing allegations of criminal acts in Tennessee can be worrisome. There are a litany of accusations and incidents that can lead to criminal charges. One with a variety of different categories is when there are assault charges. Understanding how one can be charged with assault, the various levels of charges and their penalties is imperative when planning a defense.

Man arrested on suspicion of numerous allegations in Tennessee

Situations can arise in Tennessee in which a person makes a mistake or is caught in a circumstance where he or she faces allegations of criminal activities. No matter how it happened, when placed under arrest for any reason, it is never too soon to start thinking about criminal defense to avoid a conviction or to try and have the charges reduced. Because of the extensive consequences and penalties that can arise, this can be the key to the future.

Putting the government's allegations to the test

When accusations are made against Montgomery residents by others, it can be troubling and serious. This is particularly true when the accusations come in the form of criminal charges by the government. While criminal charges are not proof of anything and are merely accusations made by the government, they must be taken very seriously because the charges may carry the threat of imprisonment, fines or other potential penalties.

Committed to protecting your Fifth Amendment rights

Every night, people across Tennessee and around the nation tune in to catch their favorite television crime dramas, many of which feature outlandish crimes, hardened detectives and tense courtroom scenes. It goes without saying that many of these shows -- regardless of the network or even when they originally aired -- will see actors quoting at length from statutes, or using terms of art such as "due process" or "self-incrimination."

Why those planning a 'creepy clown' prank should think twice

Anyone who's read their preferred newspaper site, listened to talk radio or tuned into an evening news broadcast over the last few weeks has undoubtedly heard some report about the "creepy clown sightings" popping up by the dozens across the nation, including right here in Tennessee.

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