Assisting Client With Criminal Contempt Issues

Criminal contempt is the willful failure to abide by a court order when one has the ability to do so. A few examples of orders that would warrant a filing for contempt either during or after a divorce are parenting plans, child support payments, alimony or retirement obligations, conveyances of real property or return of person property. Our Clarksville criminal contempt defense attorney services want to help provide these solutions for you.  There are two types of contempt that can be sought in a Petition for Contempt.

Civil contempt is when the Petitioner is requesting the Court order the other parent or former spouse to comply with the previous order of the court. Punishments for a finding of civil contempt are usually conditional and can be delayed or avoided by compliance with the court order. Fines and attorney fees can be ordered in an attempt to pressure the violator or reimburse the injured party.

Clarksville Criminal contempt is used to punish the party violating the court order. The punishment is usually limited to 10 days in jail per violation. The Court may order immediate imprisonment when a guilty verdict is rendered or issue a stay of the sentence and set a later review. A stay allows the violator an opportunity to comply with the Court's order and avoid serving jail time. There is no statutory basis for awarding attorney fees to the injured party when criminal contempt is found.

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