Penalties For Domestic Assault In Tennessee

Many times a domestic assault charge is the result of an incident that is simply a misunderstanding. Sometimes the police are called during an argument, which may result in one or more individuals being arrested, when they have in fact committed no crime at all.

The penalties for domestic assault are generally the same as those for other assault crimes except that a domestic assault conviction is also a violation of the Federal Lautenberg Amendment, which means a domestic assault conviction will result in a permanent loss of the offender's right to own or possess firearms, in addition to other penalties.

As such, a domestic assault conviction can have serious career implications that other misdemeanor convictions may not. Such a conviction would almost certainly prevent you from working in law enforcement or military service, as well many private contracting positions.

Many people charged with domestic assault have no criminal history and have never been in trouble before. If this is the case, there are additional alternative dispositions available that should be discussed with your attorney.

Because of the serious repercussions that may come from a conviction, it is important to hire the right attorney to defend you. Only an attorney familiar with the local criminal court system and cases like yours will know how to assess your situation.

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